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Hi there, and welcome to a space where you're taught how to get the results you want while having alllll the fun doing it! 

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Ask yourselves these 5 quick questions:

1- Are you ready to quit yo-yo dieting and learn ways to eat healthy long term?
2- Are you ready to workout for your body type and your goals and get REAL results?
3-Do you want to get consistent with your workouts?
4- Are you ready to feel good when you look in the mirror again?

5- Would love to reach your goals along side a group of like-minded women who are ready to support and hold you accountable?

Here's what you get:


12 brand new workouts every month with live video demonstrations to ensure proper form. I'm there sweating it out with you the entire time.


Weekly nutritional trainings live with me! Here you'll ditch the diets and eat freely to get results. No fad diets and no restricting.

Real time coaching

Daily coaching from me in the private FB group. I'll  also be going live in the FB group every week for a Q&A session!

Mindfulness + accountability

Mindset work that you can easily apply to your life and a drive of supportive women who won't let you fail

This program provides everything you need to loose the weight, tone the muscle, proudly wear shorts for the first time in years, feel good in your skin, energized and motivated again. 

Sound good? Heck yes it does! But here's the thing..I don't expect you to take my word for it. You get to try it out completely free.

Start my free trial 

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Thinkin' theres a catch? Think again!

No sign up fees- it literally cost zero dollars to join

No cancellation fees- you can leave at anytime with zero fees

Nothing to loose. You have 7 days to try out the program totally free. NO RISK.

Thoughts & results from members:




Mellisa 6 week challenge before & after.


Jessica 6 week challenge before and afte


Kayla 6 week challenge before & after ph

Stop letting your excuses keep you in the same place.. In order to see change you've got to make a change. 

Meet Alaina

20+ pounds down in 2 months
Meet Jessica

This is hands down the best program I've ever done. The workouts are FUN and it's the first time I've not given up within 2 weeks. The community Lacey has pulled together...that's the sweet sauce! The community and PERSONAL accountability is what makes this so fun and it somehow manifests this endless source and motivation and support. My husband has noticed I'm happier and in a better mood!  I'll never not participate!


More member transformations + their own words

Meet Shannon

“Wow! Where do I begin? I no longer have cravings because nothing is off limits. I no longer have cravings because nothing is off limits. This program has helped me set attainable goals for my mental and physical life and has made me successful. My favorite thing about this program is that Lacey never made weight a factor. Not once did you mention anything about setting weight loss goals or talk about how much weight we would loose (Loosing that last bit of baby weight was just a little plus (; ). I am forever grateful for the love and support you pour into us. You truly are an inspiration! This is only the beginning! Thank you so much for all you do! 

Meet Catherine

Typically when I've exercised in the past it's mostly been jumping on the elliptical or treadmill for a half hour a few days a week. Being in this type of program definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone in a way I really appreciate.I love the FB live video sessions! I found them super informative and you helped me see how easy it can be to meal plan or snack well with a little bit of planning on my end. I look forward to continue growing stronger with the ladies in the community.

I see the value in everything about it and I'm excited to see how my body changes inside and out!

Catherine- Jan_Feb challenge progress pi
Meet Chelsea

"This program was the best decision I have made so far in 2019! I'm 14lbs down! Not only have I got back in the routine of working out, I feel better mentally and physically! I LOVED the accountability of the Facebook group. I wanted to be able to get my “workout complete” picture up by the end of the day and it made me happy seeing the success of everyone else as well! I also love the fact that you teach about nutrition and meal prepping.. something I’ve never been too up to date on. I have been inspired to cook more.. and I have found that I actually enjoy it. I have learned and gained SO much from this program! Thank you for all you do!"


Meet Sarah 

 I have honestly felt SO much better since starting this program. IBS has toned down. Since really focusing on my food/workouts I have felt much better & energized!!

 I can see & feel changes in all my clothes & I just feel better all around! Your program works & I want to shout it from the rooftops! You da best!!

Having the group has felt like having friends to work out with lol. The hubby has started working out with me which has been awesome too!

Thanks so much for all of your encouragement & for starting this group!!! I love it. You're making a huge difference in so many girls lives. 


Is this program right for you? You be the judge...

*Want to workout but don't know where to start?

*Want to see video demonstrations of the workouts to know if you're doing them right?

*Need quick and efficient workouts AKA- you don't have 2 hours a day to devote to working out

*Are motivated to work toward seeing the results they want but do best with accountability from an encouraging coach and support from a community?

*Want the experience of a personal trainer, but don’t want to have to work around someone else’s schedule?

*Know that feeling good in their skin requires making positive shifts both physically and mentally and are ready to learn how to leave behind guilt, shame, and negativity?

*Are tired of fad diets and quick fixes and are ready to make simple and sustainable lifestyle changes that LAST?


Shaking your head yes as you read those? Yes! So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to have a FB account in order to participate in this program?
A: No. The workouts and other program material will be available to you as soon as you sign up for the program. No FB account needed.

Q: How will the challenge materials be delivered?
A: The workouts, mindfulness tools, recipe book will all be housed in your super easy to use, membership account on the website. 

Q: Do I need a lot of extra time to be successful?
A: Absolutely not. Every workout can be done anywhere. All workouts are quick and efficient. Some even just 12 minutes!!

Q: Does this challenge require a gym membership?

A: Nope. All workouts can be done anywhere. Gym, home, park, long as you've got a pair of dumbbells you're good to go! No gym required.


Q: Can I participate in other fitness activities/programs/classes while participating in this challenge?

A: Yes you can. The beauty of an online program is that you make your own schedule. You can choose what days you do which workouts as well as days that you either don't workout at all or participate in another fitness activity.

This program has been one of the only things I look forward to every day

My goals was to be positive and to talk to people when I felt upset rather than build it up and I think I did a pretty damn good job. I learned from Lacey that if I keep telling myself my goal for the day or keep reminding  myself what I set out to do every morning that I will accomplish it rather than just forget about it. 

My favorite part of the program was the workouts and really pushing myself to complete the exercises. It was a lot of fun seeing my muscles change and becoming stronger with exercises we did. 

Meet Kayla

Kayla- Jan_Feb challenge progress pics.j