#LLFQuickstart Challenge

On this page, you’ll find all the info you need to participate! Scroll down for directions.

DATES: The Challenge will begin on Monday, January 8th and will go though January 22nd

GOAL: Complete 10 workouts in 14 days

WORKOUTS: I am providing SIX workouts (below), so you can pick and choose which ones you want to do, and yes, you will have to do some twice. And also the ones you choose will depend on what equipment you have access to. But if you at least have a set of dumbbells, you can participate!


  • You must complete 10 workouts over 14 days


  • In order for them to “count,” you have to share each of the 10 workouts on Instagram:

    • Follow @laceylivefit on Instagram

    • Post your workout (can be the actual workout or a sweaty selfie or quote or the equipment you used or anything that relates to the workout, your choice!)

    • Use the hashtags #LLFQuickstart and then the corresponding workout day, for example #Day1 if this is your first workout of the challenge. You will hashtag posts all the way up to #Day12

    • Tell me your time and/or the # of rounds you completed (more below), the goal being to beat your time/rounds next time, also tell me what size weight(s) you used


  • You can mix and match any of these workouts below. You don’t have to do them all, just do the ones you want! There’s no order you have to go in.

  • Everyone who completes all 10 workouts in the challenge will get placed into a raffle for prizes, and I will also be awarding some of my favorite sharers, too!

  • If you have any questions about how to share or how the challenge works, email me laceylivefit@gmail.com any time


Video Tutorials for each of the Workouts: Hover your mouse over each video to see the name of the workout. You can also type the name of the workout you're looking for in the search field. 

How to Share on Instagram:

This is an Instagram Challenge where I will be looking for your effort and interaction. This is how you and I will keep track of your 10 workouts over the 14-day challenge.



I want to see your challenge workouts! Your photo can be anything from showing your workout itself, to a sweaty selfie to a photo of your gym to the equipment you used to an InstaQuote with an insight you gleaned from the workout. I also want you to describe the workout, what you did (doesn’t have to be super detailed) and how you felt in the description.

If the workout is “for time,” meaning see how fast you can complete it, you will share your time! Optional of course, but it’s a fun way to gage our progress.

This will essentially act as an online training journal for you. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY. We get to keep one another accountable. There’s something about committing to something publicly and in a bigger way that puts us on the hook! And I love putting myself on the hook — it’s one of my main motivational/productivity strategies.

So tell your friends and family you are doing this. Ask them to do it with you. Show up on Instagram every day excited to share your progress and your consistency. Be an example to those around you and who follow you.

How to #hashtag stuff:

In the description of the photo, you need to hashtag both #LLFQuickstart and #Day1 (or whatever day # you are currently on) so I can keep track of all your participation. You will go all the way to #Day12. So you are only counting workout days, not all 14 days of the challenge. Got it?


Some housekeeping:

You cannot participate for the prizes without having an Instagram account. I am not going to be keeping track of workouts elsewhere. It’s free to set up an account and you can just create one for the challenge if you don’t want to do anything else. Be sure your account is set to Public and not Private/locked if you want me to see your workouts. I can’t see them otherwise. You can always make it private again after the challenge.

At any time, if you have questions about the challenge, you can email me at laceylivefit@gmail.com

Let’s do this thang!