The Live Fit Guide

the Live Fit Guide is a 12 week total body transformation fitness program for women who want to get lean, increase their energy and FINALLY feel confident in their body!
I'm giving you the EXACT workouts to do and the mindset you need for a forever-fit lifestyle.

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Hey Lacey! 

I was so excited to start this guide, it certainly hasn't been easy but it's not so hard that it's discouraging either. It's the perfect balance of challenging and "you've got this". I'm on a couple weeks in and I can already tell my jeans are fitting much looser and I have so much more energy now!


This 12-week program was not only effective, but I was able to do it anywhere (even at home). I was not able to go to the gym as I wanted to, so I bought gym weights (5lb & 10lb weights) and jumped right on in with the LiveFitGuide. My goals where consistency, maintain stamina, and have better leg and glute muscles. After just a week of this guide, I could already tell a difference in my leg & arm strength and my stamina while doing cardio. I had lost about 5 more pounds from it and some inches from my waist. It made a huge difference in my health as well. I felt belt better, it made me want to eat healthier, and it definitely boosted my confidence and motivation.

Kayla P.

The Live Fit Guide has been great and has gotten me more into a healthy routine. I'm on week 7 now and I like how it amps the workouts with different exercises as the program progresses. I'm excited to keep going!

XO Christine



I started incorporating the LFG with full body classes at the gym. I was in a rut and super tired of trying to come up with exercises to do on the days I didn't take a class. I've done a lot of other guide and they either weren't challenging enough, or way too hard on my knees and wrists. The LFG has been the perfect amount of "push" and the exercises are a fresh take on some versions I wouldn't have thought of on my own.   -Kelly N.


Hey girl, I wanted to check in and give you an update! I'm on week 9 and hold moly I'm feeling the burn in the best way! MY body is continually being challenged so I'm not getting bored like I have with other guides I've tried in the past but I'm also not being pushed beyond my limits so I'm not feeling defeated either. This is freaking amazing. Thank you for this XOXO


I speak with hundreds of women who tell me they feel drained of energy on a regular basis, frustrated with their fitness, not feeling great in their skin, clothes tight, overwhelmed with information and often just throwing their hands up, thinking WHY BOTHER, it's all too hard!
I don't blame you. I get it. Fitness and nutrition can feel like an unsolvable puzzle where we end up discouraged, give up and vow to try again some time in the future. No wonder we never believe that we'll actually stick to something!
That is why I felt obligated to create The Live Fit Guide- a 12 week comprehensive forever-fitness program for women who need guidance, form help, progressions as they get more fit and who want to feel more empowered and strong, not discouraged and constantly feeling not good enough in their bodies. Ugh, no thanks!
Take a Peek Inside!

The LiveFit Guide includes 30 full length workout that can be done anywhere, anytime. All workouts are designed to shred body fat and gain lean muscle, giving your body a feminine, toned shape.

This 12 week, 5-days-per-week program is for exercisers at all fitness levels who want to burn fat fast without spending hours in the gym. 

Delivered via immediate download upon purchase. This program can be saved and printed off as a hard copy or saved on any mobile device for easy access at any time. 

What's included in the

LiveFit Guide?

-30 Full-Length Workouts 

The Live Fit Guide contains 12 weeks' worth of workouts broken up by upper body, lower body, total body and ab workouts to give you a 5-day-per-week complete training program:

12 weight-training/bodyweight combination workouts (only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells and a platform such a bench,box,chair)

- 6 total body Plyometric workouts

- 12 ab workouts

-Photo and video demonstrations for every exercise.

-The Live Fit Guide is incredibly easy to follow but to ensure there is zero guess work, all exercises have accompanying photos and videos.

-You'll also be introduced to a huge group of supportive women who are on the same journey as you through our Instagram community of LiveFit Guide girls.

Who is the LiveFit Guide for?

*It's for those who want to workout but don't know where to start. This program takes out the guess work and gives you step by step plan to follow to make sure you get results. 

*It's for those who don't have hours to spend in the gym every day. All the workouts in this guide take 40 minutes or less and most can be done anywhere. The idea that you have to workout for at least an hour to get results is simply not true.

*Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser this program is going to get you results. The program gets more challenging as it progresses so you are continually being challenged during the entire program.

*It's for those who welcome/are in need of accountability. The community of Live Fit Guide girls will be continually supporting and encouraging you throughout your journey and beyond. 

Who is the LiveFit Guide NOT for?

*It's not for people who need to spend hours in the gym in order to feel productive. If you feel that it is vital to have a 2 hour workout everyday, then this program is not for you. If its efficiency and results are vital to you, then you are in the right place. 


*If you aren't ready to dedicate yourself to making positive changes and get real changes. I've created this to get real women the real results they are desperate for. 

Upon Purchase: Within seconds you will receive your receipt via email (be sure to check your junk folder), and there will be a link for you to click to download the Guide. Questions? Email me!

Hi, I'm Lacey Odum AKA Laceylivefit, creator of the LiveFit Guide. I'm the founder of Laceylivefit LLC, and a CPT.

Over the last five years I've gotten a lot of messages from women with a plethora of different struggles and concerns about getting in shape. The one message that I get day in and day out is women sharing their desires to start working out, be more disciplined with their workout regimen (actually stick to working out once they start) and start living a healthier lifestyle. There is one unified thread from all of these women and I bet you feel the same way...THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START.


You're not a lazy person but you don't follow through with your goals because you feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of going to gym knowing you don't have a clue of what workouts you should be doing or where to begin. You know you need help but you cringe at the thought of shelling out money for a trainer not knowing if you'll ever follow through with this whole "healthy lifestyle" thing anyway. 


Growing up I didn't work out. Once I became more educated about the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to start working out but I found myself overwhelmed by all of the equipment in the gym and the different workouts out there that I almost quit. I got a coach because training guides like Live Fit Guide didn't exist.


Five years of the hearing the same story from thousands of women is what motivated me to write the LiveFit Guide. This program takes out all of the guess work but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I give you all of the workouts and I give you photo and video demonstrations so you know the proper form for every exercise. The workouts are efficient and can be done anywhere as long as you have a set of dumbbells. You'll be doing a combination of weight training, plyometrics and cardio workouts that is designed for fat loss and overall lean, toned muscle.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need a gym membership to complete this program? Nope! Grab a set of dumbbells and you're ready to go! You can workout at home, in the gym, in the park or on the beach if you'd like!

2) I have a crazy schedule. Will this program work for me given my limited free time? Sure will! All workouts can be done anywhere and most will take you no longer than 30 minutes!

3) I'm new to this whole workout thing. How will I know if I'm doing the exercises correctly? You will have photo and video demonstrations of every single exercises in this 12 week training program to ensure you have the proper form.


4) I'm not the best at holding myself accountable. Does this program offer any type of on going support? Of course! Studies show that people are 70% more likely to complete a training such as this one if they have someone to hold them accountable.  You'll  have an entire community of women who are on the same journey as you who provide support/advice and motivation throughout the program :) 

Client Success Stories

Real women, just like you, who decided to make a change.

"We all say we'll start tomorrow. That's when Lacey changed my life, when I chose to start "today". It has been over a year and I have stuck to the healthy lifestyle Lacey created for me. I can't thank Lacey enough for how she changed my entire life. Like many others, I struggled wiith my self image and the yo-yo dieting chasing a quick fix. Some people will tell you that you don't need a trainer, but they don't understand how much a trainer has to offer. With Lacey she not onlyprovides support, accountability, reliability but most of all friendship. Lacey always checked in with me and gave me recommendations of how to make this more than just a diet. Her meal plans are designed to your body's needs and she customizes to foods you prefer. The workout regime is fantastic and to this day I never would've been able to push myself like have with Lacey. She believed in me and gave me the confidence to keep pushing. Because of Lacey I have been able to love over 50lbs, drop 6 pant sizes and build confidence and self love."


Coming into college, I was about as healthy as anyone could be. In high school, I played two sports and was extremely active, loving everything about my body. Then I fell in love with McDonald's, Cookout, and all the other food that Atlanta had to offer. After four years of back and forth weight gain, I saw Lacey in a magazine feature for Atlanta's Best Bodies so I reached out to her. She whipped my butt back into shape. Although it was not always my favorite thing to do, now, 30+ pounds lighter, I couldn't imagine my life without a little bit of salad and a whole lot of Lacey. 


Upon Purchase: Within seconds you will receive your receipt via email (be sure to check your junk folder), and there will be a link for you to click to download the Guide. Questions? Email me!



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